Drum Roll Please!

Miller Taylor AVT 5-11

Image © Miller Taylor

We’re proud to announce the following artists will be featured in AVT 5:

Phil Bergevin
Andy Berner
 Kelly Burgess
Jon Campolo
Aaron Canipe
Benjamin Davis
Stephen Dyer
Peter Eversoll
Chris Fowler
Jodie Goodnough
Pat Jarrett
Andy Kenney

 Molly Lamb
Logan Lo-Fi
Brittany Marcoux
Roger May
Tammy Mercure
Lindsay Metivier
Jesse Moore

 John O’Toole
Nathan Pearce
Sarah Pfohl
Trevor Powers
Eric Reeve
Matthew Spencer
Jordan Swartz
Bob Tankersley

 Miller Taylor
John Vigg
Waffle Boys
John Watts
Work In Progress On Work In Progress

Join us tomorrow evening at 9pm in Hillsborough at 126 E Queen St.